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Berman Research & Development has been working to stop the deadly infection MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) for the last 10 years. Lead by Dr. Robert Berman, Berman R&D has developed an investigational topical gel - Vancogel®. 

As a wound care specialist Dr. Berman has dealt with MRSA infections and observed the often deadly bacteria's effects first hand. MRSA's unrelenting attack on the body's healing processes prevents wounds from healing and often results in more pain and longer treatment cycles for patients.

It was his direct dealings with patients and their MRSA infections that spurred him to find a way to stop MRSA in these open wounds and thereby prevent the infection from spreading throughout the body. Currently, MRSA can only be treated by oral medication or by medication through an IV. "Being a gel, it will then penetrate through the various crevasses and holes in an open wound," he says.

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