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Berman Research & Development is Florida based 503(c) corporation. Berman R&D has dedicated itself to finding ways to stop MRSA infections. You can do your part to help Berman R&D in its pioneering effort to stop the deadly MRSA infections worldwide. If you wish to contribute to this effort you may do so using the Donate button below. If you wish to send a check you will find the address for Berman R&D listed below. Your support is greatly appreciated.

If you are interesting in becoming an investor in Berman Medical Inc., please view the prospectus. A link is provided for you to review the prospectus. After review please contact Dr. Robert S. Berman for details on becoming an investor. You may contact Dr. Berman by using the contact email link below. Click here to view the prospectus

Mailing Address

Berman Research & Development
661 Maplewood Dr #21
Jupiter, FL 33458
(561) 743-5112

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